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Had I known I was gonna get groped in the back of a Prius, I would’ve brought a change of clothes. I’m gonna go in there looking like Prom: The Morning After.

favorite klaine moments

klainehiatuschallenge day 39 - klaine moment that made me cry the most

I didn’t want to let you down, but Grease is a romance, and how can I play any of the scenes if I have ruined mine?

I’m sick of being backup to Rachel Berry. I want to shine and be seen as the star I am.

klaine hiatus challenge • day 36: klaine scene I keep rewatching over and over
5x13 c-h-u-m-s

klaine hiatus challenge day 1: I love klaine because…
they’re silly, domestic and supportive fiancés.

Darren being Darren while wearing a suit